Yoder and Sons Pallets Family Owned

Family Owned and Operated

Keith Yoder

Ken Yoder has been in the pallet industry since 1990 and has successfully managed several companies. His dream has always been to own his own company and that became a reality with Yoder and Sons.

Yoder and Sons began in 2009 with one small saw, a few nail guns and a portable air compressor. At first, there were only two employees, Ken’s 17 year old son Keith and a friend from CA who had experience in the pallet industry. Business grew quickly, soon more people and more equipment were added to keep up with demand. 

In 2011 Ken purchased Weaver Brothers, a pallet company in PA.  In 2015 Silver Knob Pallet in MD became available and Ken purchased his third pallet company. Today all three companies operate independently but are quick to help out when emergency loads are needed.     

In 2015 Keith Yoder took over all the day-to-day operations at Yoder and Sons with Ken still being involved in major decisions and strategic planning. In 2017, Ken’s second son Kristofer joined the team, bringing fresh energy and new ideas. Brenton Helmuth, plant foreman and Mario Lopez, lead pallet builder were two of the first employees hired at Yoder and Sons and bring years of experience and leadership to the company.  

Today Yoder and Sons employs a crew of over 15 people and operates 2 full saw lines and an automatic nailer.  Terrific service and excellent quality combined with industry experience and know-how are what set our company apart. No pallet is too complicated, too big or too small for the experienced crew here at Yoder and Sons.